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Tips For Throwing Great Summer Parties in Ireland

photo of people having bbq outside in summer

1. What works for summer?

When the sun shines—and everything goes as planned—what is the best way to enjoy the sun? There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Sports Day has always been popular, or a Summer BBQ, which can always be tailored to suit the audience. For some, a bit of competing against family, friends and workmates is the answer. For example the Olympic themed day is a great solution for healthy competition and teambuilding. Plus its topical every 4 years!

Others like the competition idea—but don’t want the seriousness—so we do something like a Wacky Sports day which includes games that always get people laughing and bonding. It’s a great way to break down barriers and have a bit of fun. Its a no pressure environment where people enjoy the games and each others company.

For others, games seems like a bit too much work—and they just want to socialise. How about an outdoor stage with live music and craft beers—all enjoyed in an unique venue? Yes—a miniature outdoor music festival, are you with me?

2. Have a ‘Plan B’

Yes, its summer time and we hope the sun will shine but you have to consider the worst case scenario.. Rain.. and lots of it. That’s why at Junction we always try to source venues with large indoor areas. There are a number of them in every city and we have established relationships with all of them. We know where they are—and what games will suit them. Family Days for example—large inflatables aren’t always going to fit inside (at least not all of them!) so we always have other entertainment like our Puppet Show, Magicians and workshops on standby in case the unthinkable happens. But that’s our job—to think about the unthinkable.

For adult summer parties we have Game Shows, Rock and Roll Bingo and fun Teambuilding events that can be called upon in case we have to move inside. Everything can be organised at a moment notice and at no extra stress to our clients.

photo of Mark Staunton, director at Junction Productions
Mark Staunton
Director, Junction Productions
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