Family Fun Day

Make your next family event a smash success! We bring games, entertainment and equipment to satisfy the interests of the whole family. We provide you with Face Painters, Balloon Modelers, Giant Games, Large Inflatables, Carnival Stalls, Our 3-carriage Land train and so much more…
Here’s what to expect from Family Fun Day


We have access to some of the most talented entertainers in Ireland and beyond. Magicians, Jugglers, Storytellers and a wide asortment of other talented humans that will dazzle your audience.

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Carnival Games

Classic Carnival games like Ring Toss, Golf Putt, Bowling, Can Knock-Down, Taget Practice & Bucking Bronco provide endless enjoyment for all ages.

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Face Painting

A delightful way to spice up any Kid’s party, face painting adds an extra layer of fun and provides great opportunities for memorable photos.

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Inflatable Games

Choose from a wide assortment of inflatable games and challenges to suit any age group or venue. Every activity is set up and run by one of our friendly staff to ensure that all players stay safe and smiling.

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Giant Games

Classic games like Connect Four, Jenga & Chess — except gigantic! Your guests will love this new twist on classic games that everyone knows how to play.

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