Destination Management Company: What to consider to pick the best


What is a Destination Management Company and why should you pick one?

A destination management company is one that can organise all of your travel plans from flights to hotels and entertainment to experiences. When organising a trip abroad it is essential to find a destination Management company with experience. They will have the knowledge of the host country, venues and some pitfalls you might not be aware of. They will know all the best vendors and if if they understand your vision they will know the best way to deliver it. In the end they will save you time and money.

Case Study International Corporate Football Tournament.

The best way to understand what destination management companies do is to look at a Case Study. Organising an international Event can be very tricky considering how many moving parts there are. Once you open an event to different countries, then different time zones, calendars and holidays are just a few of the complications you must overcome to have a successful event. In this case study we look at an event we organised where we brought teams from 14 different countries to Ireland for a Company football tournament.

Before even beginning to organise an event like this it is essential to establish the goal. Why are we even doing this event in the first place. Unless you start with a clearly definable goal then your event will be disconnected and lacking direction. Once we have that goal we need to communicate it to the organisation at large so everyone no matter where they are understand what we are trying to achieve. In this case the goal was as follows.

international teams at company sporting event

The Goal

Goal: To bring together offices from all over world to get to know each other better and foster an environment of healthy competition and togetherness.

Destination Management

Communicating the Goal

Once we had our goal our next step was to communicate this and the dates to the 14 offices around the world. Allowing plenty of time for offices to make the necessary arrangements is essential. This will vary depending on the company but 3 months should be an absolute minimum. If you leave too little time then booking venues, flights and hotels can become problematic. However if you leave too much time a lot can change within a company so we have found between 6 to 9 months the perfect time.

Corporate football tournament


The challenges to an event like this are many:
Schedules need to be coordinated,
Multiple venues sourced and booked,
Flights booked,
Visa Problems identified and solved,
Airport Transfers,
Multiple venues sourced and booked,
Sporting Event organised,
Health and Safety catered for,
Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners organised,
Participants moved around multiple venues,
Night time entertainment,
Award ceremony organised,
Multiple Languages,
Get people home safely and on time.


Most of the work in delivering an event like this is done before everyone gets on their planes. Our team were designated 4 countries each and they acted as a point of contact for any issues that arose. Once we had feel on the ground in Ireland everyone had a point of contact and at no point were people left wondering what to do. As people arrived they were give a schedule of events so from the start they knew where to go and when to go there. From there is was a matter of trusting the organisation done over the previous months. Hotels, venues, buses, referees and staff all trusted with their part.


We ran a very successful tournament with the clients remarking that it was the best organised tournament and host country that they had had.  Having the right team to put this all together and having an always available point of contact makes it all the easier. There are a lot of things to organise but having the right company with experience in putting together events like this is a great start. A destination Management Company will end up saving you time and money and deliver a better event that you could on your own.

destination management

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Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    Choose professionals with a track record of successfully managing events similar to yours. Experience often translates to efficient problem-solving and seamless execution.

  • Communication Skills

    Effective communication is vital in event management. Look for professionals who can clearly convey ideas, provide updates, and address concerns.

  • Creativity

    Seek event managers with experience in Event Management who can offer fresh and innovative ideas to make your event stand out.

  • Attention to Detail

    Events involve numerous moving parts. A detail-oriented event manager will ensure that nothing is overlooked, minimizing the risk of errors.

  • Flexibility

    Events can be unpredictable. A flexible event manager can adapt to changes and handle unexpected situations without compromising the event's success.

  • References & Reviews

    Check references and read reviews from past clients to gauge the quality of service and client satisfaction.

Our Junction experience


We hired junction for our recent company party. We were very happy with how it all went. Junction were great to deal with, nothing was too much trouble. They helped us with the planning and with ideas. The staff were all very pleasant, especially Mark who was out main point of contact. We didn't have to do anything on the day except enjoy ourselves. We would definitely recommend them and will use them again

Gabrielle McManus
Gabrielle McManus 11 July 2023

An Amazing Event organised by Junction


John Sisk and Son hired Junction Productions to organise our Family BBQ event in June 2023. We had over 800 adults and children attending, but Mark and the team were amazing, they came up with all the ideas for the day. On the day they set up everything with ease, everyone at Sisk and their family had an amazing day. We had jewellery making, puppet show, acrobats, bouncy castles, slides, games, carnival stalls to name a few. They went above and beyond to make our day a success. It was such an amazing day that we have already booked them in for our event next year. Thank you Mark and the Team. We would definitely recommend Junction Productions to anyone looking to organise a large event.

Jennie - John Sisk & Son
Jennie - John Sisk & Son 28 June 2023

Corporate Summer event - 5 Star!!!!!!!


Mark and the team did a fantastic job on our recent summer event for approx. 200 ppl. We had daytime activities in the office and this led into the big evening event. Nothing was too much trouble and everything seemed effortless. All we had to do was get the people there! Colleagues have been praising the day saying it was so much fun. Mark and the team could not have been more helpful, supportive and full of great ideas and would recommend them without hesitation.

Debbie 28 June 2023

Sweet 30, Private party


I hired Junction productions to do my missus sweet 30, and Mark did such an amazing job, he is very professional, enthusiastic and has amazing attention to detail. From finding the perfect venue, drinks, decoration and general management during the event. we had an amazing party that left everyone speechless. Thank you Mark and your team for an amazing night that will never be forgoten.

customer 21 June 2022

Summer Party 2022


We used Junction for our Summer Party and couldnt have been any happier with service provided. We had 100 people and everyone laughed from start to finish at the casino night. The entire team were very proffesional and made sure our staff were looked after.

James 21 June 2022

These Guys were so great


These Guys were so great. Really professional and good to work with. E used them forva work event and I'd definitely recommend them.

Yvonne 20 June 2022

Corporate hospitality


We hired junction for our company anniversary event and it was a seamless experience, highly recommended

Will 11 April 2022

We hired Junction for a company event &…


We hired Junction for a company event & couldn't have been happier. Mark & his team were very well organised & everybody felt well taken care of & at ease from the moment we arrived. Food & drink was excellent & everybody loved the wide variety of games that were well laid out. Participation was encouraged so even the quietest members of staff came out of their shell! Looking forward to working with them again.

Adrian Brett
Adrian Brett 7 March 2022

Delivered a superb experience


Delivered a superb experience. Great attention to detail, professional & the feedback from attendees was that they had a fantastic time..

Patrick 6 March 2022

Junction Productions always run great…


Junction Productions always run great events. They have been our go to for many years. Mark is great to work with and solves any issues fast that can present themselves at any time. Thanks again from the Crossroads team

Shane 3 March 2022

My wedding reception party was perfect for us


Junction Productions made my small wedding party awesome. They supplied entertainment (DJ), garden games, organised catering, and a very excellent marquee. Highly recommend these guys.

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 3 March 2022

An excellent company to deal with from…


An excellent company to deal with from initial contact to event completion. Mark and his Team have a wealth of experience and knowledge to make your event a complete success. I have no hesitation in recommending Juntion Productions.

Glenn Tector
Glenn Tector 3 March 2022