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Quick Tips for great Event Management

Sitting down to plan your year ahead can be a daunting task but one not to be avoided.. Remember, the future is closer than you think.. You should be already thinking about all of your 2017 events. Good event management is essential.

So where should you start?

1 Decide on your team. Will this be a solo venture or will you be enlisting the help of colleagues. If you are doing this with a team it is essential that you include everyone from the start. Consensus building from the beginning will prevent those nasty arguements later down the road.. 2 The next step is to decide on what type of events will be making it into your year plan.. Is it an all encompassing plan that takes is marketing, fundraising and entertainment events? Or is it more specific that just considers one of these area? This decision will effect who you communicate to and when. 3 It is always a good idea at this point to ask for ideas. The more people you include at this point the more people will take ownership of your events ultimately leading to higher attendance. 4 Try and establish a yearly budget if possible. This can be really good for event companies and can guarantee better prices from them. If you say that you will do more than one event with a company it can give you good bargaining power for discounts. 5 If you can agree on dates start putting events onto your calendars. Share it internally and start getting people excited. Everyone needs something to look forward to. 6 Tweak Tweak Tweak. Once you have an event management plan in place its easy to add little things and make your event one to remember. Once the big stuff is done, the little stuff is fun.
photo of Mark Staunton, director at Junction Productions
Mark Staunton
Director, Junction Productions
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