Event Planning

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Budgeting & Scheduling

We can help you identify and plan for your event goals and make realistic choices that will result in a more successful event.

Site & Permit Planning

Equip your event with a venue that can accommodate your assets and ensure that your event can proceed legally and safely.

Logistics & Transport Planning

Ensure that your event has a flexible and efficient transport arrangements and can dynamically solve logistical problems.

Safety & Security Planning

Plan for essential security services and equip your event with necessary safety procedures and assets.

Achieve impressive events with less work

Corporate Functions & Conferences

As an event management company, corporate functions are our strong suit. Whether for team building purposes, celebrations, openings or to thank clients or staff, Junction Productions guarantees first class professionalism.

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Concerts & Festivals

Whether you are running your first festival or have an existing event and would like to make improvements, at Junction Productions we have built a reputation for providing essential services to festival organisers.

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Looking For Something A Bit Different?

No Problem. We’ve got you covered.

With over 10 years’ experience in the event management business, we have unmatched expertise in providing you and your guests with a truly memorable experience. We pride ourselves on working with top class entertainers, artists, decorators & catering services. Do you have some special ideas for you event and want to know if it can be done? Drop us a line.

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Junction Productions is one of Ireland’s leading event management companies.