Carnival Games

Carnival Games – whether played by young or old, they provide endless laughs all around. We recreate many of the classic funfair games to give your guests a familiar yet unique experience.
What’s the deal with Carnival Games?

Classic Games That Still Rule

Somehow, Popping Balloons Never Gets Old

Target Practice

Popping balloons is one of the most classic carnival games and always a big hit with the kids

Ring Toss

A ring toss, sometimes referred to as “ring-a-bottle”, is a game where rings are tossed around a peg

Wheel Of Fortune

Contestants guess hidden phrases by guessing letters one at a time and spinning the Wheel for prizes

Golf Putt

Scaled down version of golf with obstacles and fun challenges & variations


Knock down as many pins by accurately rolling a bowling ball towards down a solid lane

Can Knock-Down

Great for younger children and perfect for a back yard carnival birthday party

Arcade Games

A variety of classic and new arcade games – a big hit with all age groups

Bucking Bronco

How long can you stay up on the Bucking Bronco? This game is as much fun for the spectators as it is for the cowboy

And many more…

Our list of carnival games is always expanding – if you want to know more about Carnival Games just drop us a line.

Carnival Games can be added to most events
Carnival Games are great way to boost interaction and hands-on fun at any event. Kids love them – and adults never fail to appreciate the simplicity and authentic challenge of classic Funfair games.

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