Fright Night

This hilarious and interactive team building event is based on well-known TV shows like “Fear Factor.” Your guests will be confronted by animals such as pythons, tarantulas and Camen crocodiles! Our Fright Night experience is entertaining, educational & very group-oriented.
As seen on RTE’s The Late Late Show & Today FM!

Meet The Animals!

Meet our 16” Python, tarantulas, Iguanas and other animals all in a safe environment. This will be the first opportunity for most of your audience to ever be up so close to these creatures. Our handlers are fully trained and they at no point can your guests be harmed.

Who’s The Bravest?

Contestants progress through challenges to the final stage. Final contestants either pair up or pick partner from audience to help. Final contestants are placed in real glass coffin with 16ft python locked and sealed while their partner has to get the key out of three boxes filled with snakes, rats and eels to open coffin. Best time wins!

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