Whether you are running your first festival or have an existing event and would like to make improvements, at Junction Productions we have built a reputation for providing essential services to festival organisers.
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We Are Festival Consultants

Developing a Festival is a Heroic Enterprise. Are You Ready?

Operating Strategy

Do you have a clearly defined festival strategy? This is no time to be stabbing in the dark. We provide crucial insights that will help your festival succeed.

Site Planning

Avoiding a logistical nightmare reuires an intelligent festival site plan. If you don’t have a site yet, we’ll help you find one. This is one of the most fun, and important areas that your festival needs to get right.

Media Marketing

From identifying your audience to selecting the most effective media channels to effectively target them, we’ll help you boost your attendance in the most efficient way.

Musician Signing & Expectations

Like so many aspects of festival management, this component relies heavily on having good relationships with the individuals and groups that provide the entertainment at your festival, and staying well organised from the very start.

Travel & Accommodation

The logistics of transporting dozens, hundreds or thousands of humans and equipment to your festival and back to their origins should be a carefully planned, fluid maneuver.

Safety Planning & Statements

A well-planned health and safety policy that exceeds the legal requirements will place confidence in the local authorities, your venue, employees and your guests.

Vendor Planning

A good relationship with your vendors relies on smooth communication, intelligent agreements, planning and fair implementation of standards. Vendors have a significant role to play in the outcome of your festival!

Security Requirements & Planning

Not too much, and not too little — festival security is certainly a requirement; but it should also be scalable, appropriate and well positioned at your festival.

Local Authorities

There’s an important liason aspect to every festival, and no less important is your relationship with the local authorities. Getting off on the “right foot” means one less thing to worry about.

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