Junction Productions has developed relationships with the most talented entertainers in Ireland and beyond. Magicians, Mentalists, Jugglers, Storytellers and a wide asortment of other talented humans that will dazzle your audience.
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Magicians & Mentalists

We have access to some of the most talented Magicians & Mentalists in Ireland. This is a great way to break the mold and set your corporate function apart from all the rest.

Street Performers

Street Performers are a fantastic way to add serious entertainment value to any event, party or function. We have access to some of the most talented and respected Irish and International artists in the street performance community.


Once a mandatory addition to any social gathering, the tradition and craft of the Seanchaí has become more rare – but the entertainment value that a good storyteller provides is priceless.

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With over 10 years’ experience in the event management business, we have unmatched expertise in providing you and your guests with a truly memorable experience. We pride ourselves on working with top class entertainers, artists, decorators & catering services. Do you have some special ideas for you event and want to know if it can be done? Drop us a line.

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