5 reasons you should definitely have a company event post Lockdown

The Culture we foster in our Business environments are important. It says everything about what kind of company we are trying to be. It can express company goals and inspire actions through shared beliefs. The Culture is also something managers need to be proactive on. If we don’t nurture the culture from within it can run unchecked. Ignore the culture and it can turn toxic. Nurture it and you create a healthy, safe, fun and productive work space.

Post Covid Lockdown we are entering into new territory. Many companies have been working remotely and employees have been losing touch with each other. Companies are struggling to get employees back into the office in their previous numbers. Many companies are now offering the choice to work from home. The paradigm is shifting as is what will make a happy employee in the future. So why should we have company events and why are they important?

  1. Bring People Together: We need this now more than ever. Post Covid Lockdown we are entering into new territory. Many companies have been working remotely and employees have been losing touch with each other. Many companies are now offering the choice to work from home. Companies need to take the lead and offer places to come together and meet new employees and reconnect with old colleagues. A study was undertaken over a four-year period by academics at the Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) and the Surrey Business School at University of Surrey https://www.surrey.ac.uk/mediacentre/press/2018/people%E2%80%99s-energy-workplace-key-staff-retention. The study reveals that people who have ‘energetic activations’ with colleagues are less likely to leave an organisation voluntarily than those with low energy towards workmates. We are going to lose these ‘energetic activations’ if we don’t find other ways to give them to employees. Ultimately this will lead to loosing staff and expense for the business. There are other added benefits to bringing people together like networking. Employees and managers have a more informal environment that usual to get to know each other.
  2. Happier Employees are more productive employees: Dr Eugenio Proto, of the University of Warwick’s Department of Economics shows a positive correlation between a rise in happiness and an increase in productivity (https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/new_study_shows/). Study after study has confirmed that individuals who “frequently experience” satisfaction, enthusiasm and genuine interest, among other emotions, are more likely to succeed in the workplace. But all we really need to do is to look to our own experiences. When we are happy we work better. When we feel valued we respond in positive ways

    Human Table Football

    Rewarding employees with fun games at a Corporate event

  3. Boost Company Morale: Everyone wants to work for the best Company. Everyone wants to feel like they are part of a worthwhile endeavour and mostly they want to feel appreciated. It is well documented that the better the company morale the less employee absences there are, the longer an employee stays at a company. Events are a great way to boost morale.
  4. Team building: You hear it all the time.. the team is everything. Then why do companies focus so little on building the relationships within it? With team building events you can learn so much about your fellow colleagues. A good event should challenge, educate and inspire you team. It provides the opportunity to look at the team in a fun environment and maybe tackle serious issues in a light hearted manor.

    Team Building

    Team building games at a Company event

  5. Celebrate Success: Frankly, everyone surviving these last few years has been a success story. Now think about all of the challenges companies have bene through over the last two years. There has been a serious scramble to adapt to the challenges Covid has thrown at us. If we don’t mark those successes, acknowledge the challenges we have all faced and show appreciation for the sacrifices that were made companies are in danger of making employees feel under appreciated… And employees that feel that way either are less productive or find other places that will make them feel appreciated.

At Junction we have been helping Companies reward their employees for over 15 years. We understand the importance of your company’s culture and we take our job very serious. Each event is tailored to your needs with each goal always at the forefront. If you want to start designing an event that takes any of these important matters into consideration get in touch with us now.. [email protected] or 0873900575.  https://www.junction.ie/

Company Event

Team building at company event


What is a Destination Management Company and why should you pick one?

A destination management company is one that can organise all of your travel plans from flights to hotels and entertainment to experiences. When organising a trip abroad it is essential to find a destination Management company with experience. They will have the knowledge of the host country, venues and some pitfalls you might not be aware of. They will know all the best vendors and if if they understand your vision they will know the best way to deliver it. In the end they will save you time and money.

Case Study International Corporate Football Tournament.

The best way to understand what destination management companies do is to look at a Case Study. Organising an international Event can be very tricky considering how many moving parts there are. Once you open an event to different countries, then different time zones, calendars and holidays are just a few of the complications you must overcome to have a successful event. In this case study we look at an event we organised where we brought teams from 14 different countries to Ireland for a Company football tournament.

Before even beginning to organise an event like this it is essential to establish the goal. Why are we even doing this event in the first place. Unless you start with a clearly definable goal then your event will be disconnected and lacking direction. Once we have that goal we need to communicate it to the organisation at large so everyone no matter where they are understand what we are trying to achieve. In this case the goal was as follows.

international teams at company sporting event

The Goal

Goal: To bring together offices from all over world to get to know each other better and foster an environment of healthy competition and togetherness.

Destination Management

Communicating the Goal

Once we had our goal our next step was to communicate this and the dates to the 14 offices around the world. Allowing plenty of time for offices to make the necessary arrangements is essential. This will vary depending on the company but 3 months should be an absolute minimum. If you leave too little time then booking venues, flights and hotels can become problematic. However if you leave too much time a lot can change within a company so we have found between 6 to 9 months the perfect time.

Corporate football tournament


The challenges to an event like this are many:
Schedules need to be coordinated,
Multiple venues sourced and booked,
Flights booked,
Visa Problems identified and solved,
Airport Transfers,
Multiple venues sourced and booked,
Sporting Event organised,
Health and Safety catered for,
Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners organised,
Participants moved around multiple venues,
Night time entertainment,
Award ceremony organised,
Multiple Languages,
Get people home safely and on time.


Most of the work in delivering an event like this is done before everyone gets on their planes. Our team were designated 4 countries each and they acted as a point of contact for any issues that arose. Once we had feel on the ground in Ireland everyone had a point of contact and at no point were people left wondering what to do. As people arrived they were give a schedule of events so from the start they knew where to go and when to go there. From there is was a matter of trusting the organisation done over the previous months. Hotels, venues, buses, referees and staff all trusted with their part.


We ran a very successful tournament with the clients remarking that it was the best organised tournament and host country that they had had.  Having the right team to put this all together and having an always available point of contact makes it all the easier. There are a lot of things to organise but having the right company with experience in putting together events like this is a great start. A destination Management Company will end up saving you time and money and deliver a better event that you could on your own.

destination management

If you would like to arrange a consultation for your event we are always available at [email protected]


We are often asked what is the best corporate party idea to get  everyone involved on a night out. While there is no one answer ..  a Fun Casino party ticks a lot of boxes..

It looks great, it is very inclusive, very interactive and gets people talking and mingling!

So what should I consider when organising a Fun Casino Night?


Get the Right Company Involved
When choosing a provider you should look for someone who has been in the business for a
while. A proven track record is everything. Some companies just provide the tables with no show
whatsoever. These should be avoided as the event company should bring the
entertainment. They provide the atmosphere and should work to get your guests involved.
Music is an important part of the evening so make sure this is included in any quote. Also
check the quality of the tables.. ask for photos!! Some Blackjack and Roulette tables out
there are cheap and old looking. Junction Productions have been running Casino Parties for
over 15 years and in this time we have perfected a Casino Party that is interactive and
entertaining and we recover our tables regularly.

Find the Right Venue
Once you have your event planner or entertainment company you will need to find the
right venue. Space is your most important consideration here. If you are hosting a party for
100 guests and you intend to seat them all, you will need a space that can host 160 people.
This is because your Blackjack and Roulette table take up quite a bit of space. Each Blackjack
table is roughly 5ft x 3.5ft and each Roulette table is roughly 8ft x 3.5ft. Make sure the
venue can accommodate your numbers.

Get the Invitations right
Having a good invitation communicates the theme from the start. It’s the first impression
your guests will have of what kind of party they are going to. The Casino theme can be done
in many ways so you have lots of options whether its an email or written invitation. Some
clients like to expand the theme and it’s a great way to add an extra dimension to the party.
For example:
James Bond Casino Party
Roaring 20’s Casino Party
Black Tie Casino
Fun Casino Theme Party
Also don’t forget to put all the information your guests need on the invitation like start and
end time, location etc.

Vegas Theme Party








Dress Code
Along with the theme you could ask your guests to dress the part. Black Tie is the obvious
choice here and it creates a fantastic atmosphere when all your guests make the effort and dress up. You could also provide some fun hats and feather boas at the entrance for people to add to their costumes. People love free stuff! Be sure and mention the dress code on your invites.

Casino Theme Decorations
Dressing the room is very important. You want guests to be wowed once they enter the
room. The good news is with the Fun Casino Night the tables will already make the room
look decorated but with a few extra touches you can take peoples breath away. Of course
budget will predict all but here are some ideas that we have provided for our clients before.
Mood lighting around the room.
Casino themed balloons around room.
Large Printed Playing Cards.
Life sized props.
Vegas theme backdrops.
Pipe and drape around the room.
Ice sculpture done in Casino style.
Specially printed playing cards.
Table centrepieces.
Casino themed confetti for tables.
Casino themed plates and glasses.
Themed Casino Fun Money.

Corporate Casino Night








Casino Party Games
Blackjack and Roulette are the obvious choices as everyone knows them and they are very
easy to learn even if your guests have no clue how to play. This is the job of the Emcee and
croupiers to teach your guests. However adding poker tables can be a fun way to include
even more guests in the fun. Texas Hold’em has become a very popular game and its very
straightforward to run a small poker tournament at the same time as the fun Casino. There
are a huge numbers of players out there that would love to try their skills against their
colleagues! For every 100 guests I like to add 1poker table and dealer. More than this and
you can change the room atmosphere as poker tournaments involved players sitting at the
table until they are knocked out.

Roulette table hire








These are just a few ideas to help you on your way to organising the perfect Casino Party.
There are lots more options available to you in this type of theme so if you would like to
discuss them more you can get in contact with someone on our team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0873900575 today.


As your big day comes around you begin to panic about whether or not you have enough entertainment for your guests. It used to be enough to book a room, order a caterer and fill your guests full of drink before you made an early exit on a foreign holiday. Oh how times have changed. (more…)

Sitting down to plan your year ahead can be a daunting task but one not to be avoided.. Remember, the future is closer than you think.. You should be already thinking about all of your 2017 events. Good event management is essential.

So where should you start?

1 Decide on your team. Will this be a solo venture or will you be enlisting the help of colleagues. If you are doing this with a team it is essential that you include everyone from the start. Consensus building from the beginning will prevent those nasty arguements later down the road.. 2 The next step is to decide on what type of events will be making it into your year plan.. Is it an all encompassing plan that takes is marketing, fundraising and entertainment events? Or is it more specific that just considers one of these area? This decision will effect who you communicate to and when. 3 It is always a good idea at this point to ask for ideas. The more people you include at this point the more people will take ownership of your events ultimately leading to higher attendance. 4 Try and establish a yearly budget if possible. This can be really good for event companies and can guarantee better prices from them. If you say that you will do more than one event with a company it can give you good bargaining power for discounts. 5 If you can agree on dates start putting events onto your calendars. Share it internally and start getting people excited. Everyone needs something to look forward to. 6 Tweak Tweak Tweak. Once you have an event management plan in place its easy to add little things and make your event one to remember. Once the big stuff is done, the little stuff is fun.

1. What works for summer?

When the sun shines—and everything goes as planned—what is the best way to enjoy the sun? There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Sports Day has always been popular, or a Summer BBQ, which can always be tailored to suit the audience. For some, a bit of competing against family, friends and workmates is the answer. For example the Olympic themed day is a great solution for healthy competition and teambuilding. Plus its topical every 4 years!

1. Who are you organizing it for?

A common pitfall when organizing an event is planning one that only you will love. I have seen it time and time again where the organizer launches head first into putting together a sweet event that they would love to attend, while innocently ignoring the fact that it’s the interests of the guests that should be prioritised. While its true that it’s important to organize an event that you yourself would attend – you have to focus on your target audience first. Spend some time thinking about your audience! If you have direct contact with them, then speak to them. See what makes them tick. With this understanding you will know what to give them. Also, try to avoid asking outright what they want – I find that most people have a narrow idea of what they want. Understanding your audience is always the better way to go.

2. Timing

Give yourself plenty of time to organize the event. More than you think you need. More and more these days companies and organizations are leaving less and less time to get their events organized. Another trend is events are not being as well attended. Coincidence? I think not. Get your venue early, secure the best entertainment and then get the event into the minds of your audience early. This way it has a chance to become part of the calander.

3. Get the entertainment right

So often I have seen the budget blown on the wrong things. Ask yourself: what do people remember? Most often the answer is – the entertainment! Be careful to the entertainment with the audience. Give them something they have never seen before – and if they have seen it, give it to them in a new way. Also, every audience is different. I could write (and probably will) a blog alone on this. Time of year, age, reason for entertainment and many more factors come into play. Give your audience what they deeply want, and your night will be legendary.

4. Budget

Typically, the organiser works with a limited, pre-set budget. While this is true for most events, there are a few ways to get creative with your budget. Firstly, decide what is the most important factor for your audience (again, stay out of the trap of what is the most important factor for you… The event is not just for you). Once you know this then you can begin to decide how to best allocate funds. Where possible organize contra deals: Do you have a client that would love to direct market to your staff? Do you have any buiness favors owed? Call it all in. People are almost always willing to help you out, but the first step is reaching out. Finally, look for deals: Most companies are hungry for business and will compromise on quotes.

5. Final Check

Once you hang up the phone on a deal it doesn’t end there. 5 days before your event you need to review your event checklist, recalling all of your suppliers – double checking dates and costs. This is probably the single most neglected area. I have bailed out many panicked clients on the day of an event because they were let down by suppliers. Book, confirm, double check.

Planning an event? We can help you.

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